1932 Ford Roadster Project

I had to weld up several dozen holes in the firewall. Some stock and some from someone who must have gotten a new drill for Christmas. Then we set it on the chassis and set the body on it to see how everything was going to fit. I still have to do a little minor fitting of the firewall to clear the distributor but it looks pretty good.

We also began work on fitting the dash insert, the column drop and the windshield. I can't justify spending the bucks for a real Auburn insert so, I'm using the new cast piece from SoCal with a set od SW Wings gauges. The column drop is an un-machined Fordgetrue connecting rod that I picked up at a swap meet for a fiver. We cut the windshield a total of 3 1/2 inches. The stanchions that I bought were 2 inch chop but that didn't look nearly low enough for me. Since they were stainless, I had my brother, Sam cut and weld them for me. Now I just have to file and re-polish them.

I picked up a couple more 1956 Ford pick up wheels and had them powdercoated to match the off white wheels I did for the coupe last fall. They came with a brand new set of radials too so, I'll use them for now too. I couldn't resist throwing the hood, grille shell and 46 Merc caps on it to see how it would look. Almost looks like I could take it for a spin. Wanna push?

Here you can see I've got the steering column, the shifter, the floor boards, and metal toe boards in.

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