1957 Coupe de Ville Project

You may recall that I purchased a low mile 500 CID Cadillac engine that I intended to put in the car without rebuilding it. Since then I have gone WAY farther on this car than I originally intended and now I really want a completely fresh engine to go in this car. I figured that engine was too good to tear apart but not good enough for this car so I got another 500 Cadillac core and rebuilt it. I'll save the low mile engine for another project, maybe one of my 56 Ford F100's.

Cadillac 500's have a lot of casting flash and sharp edges on them. Some of this on the inside needs to be ground smooth to improve the oil drain back into the pan from the valley. That turned out so good that I got after the outside of the engine with the carbide burrs and hard rolls too.

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