1956 Ford Pickup Projects

While at the California Hot Rod Reunion in 2002, I was regaling some of my friends with a tale of how I lost out on the deal of a lifetime on a 1956 Ford pickup and one of them said "There's one of those in Ronnie's yard that they're going to crush on Monday." To make a long story somewhat shorter, I got myself to Ronnie's yard as early as possible on Monday to prevent this tragedy.

There was a 1956 big window pickup there but they really had no plans to crush it. However, it was available. Also in the yard was an old acquaintance of Ronnie's 1956 Ford small window pickup. It was a neglected project that was only supposed to be there for short term storage but that turned into a 10 or 15 year abandonment.

Ronnie wanted the small window truck gone more than the big window one. I was only interested in the trucks because I like the big window versions. The small window one did have a lot of better parts that could be used on the big window so, we struck a deal for both of them. I know I need more projects about as much as I need another ex-wife but the price was right and another friend offered to store them for me.

My dad brought a trailer down and helped me get the trucks. Basically. we picked up the big window on Friday afternoon and then four or five of us stipped it down into a pile of parts Friday evening. I wanted to keep thebig window cab at my shop while the rest of it will be stored elsewhere with the small window truck. Dad also only wanted to make one trip to the storage location so, we had to figure out how to get 1.75 trucks onto the trailer. Saturday morning we put the big window truck's frame on the trailer and then loaded the small window truck on to of it. Back at my shop we stacked all the parts around the small window truck and tied them down for the trip. Now they just sit in storage, patiently waiting their turn while I work on some of this other junk.

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