1932 Ford Roadster Project

The original seat was about as comfortable as a sack of rocks. Besides that it sat way to high with the windshield cut 3 1/2 inches. I got a rear seat out of a Chrysler mini van in a junk yard. The back of it was the perfect width but the bottom cushion was too wide in the front. I pulled the foam bottom cushion off and cut it to fit in the car. then i installed it back on the frame to see how much of it would need to be cut. I ended up cutting all the mounting mechanism off the seat frame and welding a 6 inch wide piece of 3/16 inch plate all the way across the bottom of the frame. Then I bolted it right to the subrail through the steel plate. The seat belts bolt to the seat frame the same way they did in the mini van. Since the bottom cushion got cut up to fit I just threw a Mexican blanket over it for a quick upholstery job that fits the character of the car perfectly. I must have gotten carried away doing the seat mods because I didn't get any pictures of the construction.

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