1957 Coupe de Ville Project

Next up was a trip to Hot Rods & Custom Stuff in Escondido, CA. I was pretty nervous about letting someone blast this car. I didn't want to get it back with the panels all warped and work hardened from the blasting. I trust Randy Clark's crew because I've seen the some of the high quality work that's come from his shop.

I didn't really want to put the whole chassis back together just so I could put the body on it for transport so, I built a rack out of 2" X 2" .120" wall tubing. The rack fits my brothers quad trailer and the Cadillac body mounts to it at six of the normal body to frame attachment points. My dad and my friend, Frank Sendra, helped me get it loaded onto the trailer and then dad and I towed it down to Escondido with his one ton Dodge truck. We bolted the rack to the body while the body was on the rotisserie. The we lifted the rack up with camper jacks. When the rotisserie lifted off the ground we removed it from the body. Then we backed the trailer under the body and lowered the rack and the body down onto the trailer with the camper jacks.

When we got it down to Randy's shop we reversed the process to put it back on the rotisserie for the actual blasting.

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