1957 Coupe de Ville Project

The worst part about the "as found" condition of my Cadillac was that it looked like it had been buried alive. There was dirt everywhere. Not any more. Now it's so clean you can eat off it. REALLY!

My friend John Avalos hooked me up with the guys at Islands Powder Coating in El Monte. John, Hoyt and I dropped off the frame and about 35 other pieces on Saturday and then went back and picked them up on Monday. They did a great job in only 2 days and only charged me $500 for the whole lot. Most places would have charged that much or more for just the frame.

Here are the wheels that Sam gave me. He found them in the trunk of that 64 Caddy that he got. I had them do these in silver so they don't clash or even show up between the white wall tires and the stainless hub caps.

Here's the rest of the parts they coated in satin black like the frame.

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