1957 Coupe de Ville Project

Now back to the body precariously perched atop 4 jack stands. Thereís NO WAY Iím getting under there to finish scaping the bottom with it sitting on just jack stands. I considered making a sturdy body stand but decided instead to make a rotisserie so I could work on the bottom of the car without getting under it at all. I snooped around the internet to get some ideas then drew up some plans, bought some steel and got to work. Basically itís 2 giant engine stands that connect to each end of the body. Having the body flipped over at 45 or 90 degrees makes it much easier to clean the bottom of the floor.

I got all the undercoating off with a propane torch, a putty knife and a wire brush. It was a bit messy but effective. After I got the undercoating off I spent about a week on it with sandpaper and paint stripping disks.

After I get the necessary patch panels installed I will get the whole body media blasted.

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