1957 Coupe de Ville Project

After spending a few evenings under the car with a propane torch, putty knife and wire brushes scraping old undercoating and dirt from the bottom I decided that the body had to come off of the frame. I removed the 22 body mounting bolts, propped the body up on jack stands under the rockers and rolled the frame out on a dolly. Even though the frame is massive (16ílong) it rolls about easily with a small 4-wheel dolly placed under the X in the middle of the frame.

I rolled the frame outside the shop and got after it with a garden hose for a couple of hours to get the dirt off and out of it. There were even a bunch of bones inside the frame with all the dirt. As soon as I get the holes in the front cross member boxed and the upper brackets for the rear air bags welded on, Iíll send the frame out to be sand blasted and powder coated.

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