1957 Coupe de Ville Project

Before bolting it all up we decided to trim the spring pocket of the frame to ensure the air bag would not touch it throughout it's travel.

It may have been OK, but the original spring did not ride in the center of the hole and it looked like it might be close with the air bags. Better safe than sorry. Here it is all bolted up except for the bottom of the bags.

I moved the suspension through it's travel to verify the bag didn't contact anything and to make sure that it sat relatively square at ride height, that is not compressed more on one side than the other. With everthing again blocked at ride height I traced around the bottom of the bag with a marker, took the lower plates off and drilled the holes to bolt the bottom of the bags to the plates. With everthing all bolted together I used the shop compressor to air it up to see how it worked. It looks like everything works according to plan. The amazing thing is that this part of the project only took about a week and a half start to finish.

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