1957 Cadillac Coupe de Ville Project

Since I needed to take the spindles off for machine work before the final welding of the caliper brackets, I decided to take all the front suspension and steering off. I’ll clean, paint and rebuild it all while I have it apart. I will also make the brackets for the front air springs and relocated front shocks while I have it apart.

Here are a few more miscellaneous things that I have done. I originally thought of using 59 Caddy taillights. I bought some lenses but I didn’t like how they looked. They stuck out a little too far and they were about 3/8” too small in diameter to fill the tail light holes. Back to the drawing board. I saw 6 ’56 Chevy taillight lenses on a 58 Impala and I liked the shape of them. So, I bought 4 of them at the swap meet and tried them out. They’re only about 1/32”smaller in diameter than the 57 Caddy lenses and the 2 bolt holes only needed minor filing to fit. They stick out about 1” more than the 57 Caddy lenses but they aren’t as long and pointy as the 59 Caddy lenses. Perfect, just the look I was after.

I scored a perfect instrument cluster with chrome, glass, and odometer reset cable on ebay for a song and I also scored a set of original hubcaps for it on ebay too. Unfortunately I didn’t get these for a song. At least I didn’t have to offer any offspring or body parts for them. It looks like I'm out of gas though.

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