1932 Ford Roadster Project

I had to get some more paint to do the trunk lid. The first batch was color matched to a spot low on the side of the driver's door. The top of the car is quite a different shade of green. First I tried to just get the paint I already had tinted but that didn't get the color close enough. So, I went back to the paint store and had them mix up a quart that was matched to the top edge of the door. After spraying the trunk lid with DP74, I sprayed a few spots with rattle can black. Once that dried I masked off a few spots to simulate peeling paint and I shot the lid green.

The color matched way better the second time. After the paint was somewhat dry I started tearing it up just like the other pieces. I used the rough bottom edge of a plastic bucket to make some scratches and a putty knike to make others. A little steel wool and some sand rubbed over the surface finished it off.

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